Our growers

Our suppliers are central to our success. We are fortunate to work directly with some of Australia’s leading growers, hailing from central Victoria through to Gippsland. We turn to our Queensland neighbours for produce in the colder months.

We consider them partners in our business which has flourished under the consistent supply of their premium products all year round.

George, Anne & Adam (Owners/Farmers)

The Bremner farm Hazel Glen in Lyonville, on top of the Great Dividing Range, in central Victoria was purchased in 1890. Five generations later George, Anne & Adam are successfully farming organically grown carrots, parsnips, beetroot and 16 varieties of potatoes. They changed from conventional farming to organics in 1991.

Adam has been farming with his parents for eight years, bringing a younger generation approach to new innovation and premium productivity in a variety of projects and soil developments. This, coupled with George’s 50 years of practical farming experience, has enabled the Bremners to develop a viable and well respected sustainable farming reputation in organics.

The Bremner farm’s soils are rich chocolate volcanic, producing very tasty vegetables. The cool climate is suited to organic production assisting in disease and insect control. The Bremners use 3 year crop rotation, and plough in green manure crops such as rye, corn and rape to prepare our soils; then, with the addition of natural organic fertilisers, they plant their main crops.

George, Anne and Adam grow organic Atlantic potatoes, Pike potatoes and beetroot for Yarra Valley Snack Foods. They also sell to packing companies and wholesalers all over Australia. The Bremners’ family aim is to produce a premium product that puts the end consumers health and the environment at a premium.